What is microservice ?

 what is microservice ?  As per Martin Fowler:  It is an approach to developing a single application as a suite of "small services", each running in its own process and communicating with light weight mechanisms, such as HTTP resource APIs. As we all know, today's world is being driven by powerful software applications which perform multiple operations in a few taps. Be it any industry banking, education, entertainment, job market, groceries, malls... and so on and so forth. the list goes on, you name it! So in this body of a powerful application or simply 'app' what runs inside the veins is not blood but "APIs" (Application Programming Interface) APIs are nothing but a communication medium for passing messages (or more commonly known as 'data') between components of an app. Now, earlier what made a software was the idea in which all the code bases was being written in the same large block. The code was not deployable in separate chunks.
                                                                  World Art Fair, Dubai WTC 19th March, 2022 - This date is etched in memory for long. It was a long weekend (Holi time in India) and I planned on celebrating the weekend in a special style. I was very happy to know that Dubai is organizing an art fest at a global level which includes 300 top artists from all over the globe who would be show casing their art works.  A. Introduction:      My aunt Antra, who we know is a profound artist and has great expertise when it comes to play on the canvas, was also a participant in this mega event. I thus decided why not utilize this weekend to meet her (as myself and mummy haven’t met any family member for so long) and Amit mama and also enjoy the culmination of so many great artists and witness their impeccable art work. So the plan was made and the date saved. We were going to Dubai on the Nineteenth. B. The Commute: As per our previous experiences traveling to Dubai, it takes a to

Spring Vs Spring-BOOT

My First Jig with spring & spring boot. For past many days, spring framework was on my mind. Then I heard  the jargon about spring boot as well. Basically spring framework is an advanced java framework that helps us in building enterprise projects. It helps us in maintaining various tasks which come in our path while working on Enterprise-level project dev. Such as: Building the app adding JARs adding dependencies,etc. Also spring framework can be integrated with others s.a. hibernate,etc. Then the question pops up: WHY DO WE NEED SPRING-BOOT framework? As the last name of the framework suggests, spring boot helps in BOOT-strapping (starting) our spring application so that it could be put to action asap. The word 'asap' here means to save ourselves from the boilerplate tasks that any developer must do while he is building a spring application (like project initialization, adding JARs, dependencies, hosting the web-application onto a Tomcat server, etc.) T

Kohli's learning from Chris Gayle

The recipe is pretty simple, as they say but not easy. Just now you just watched kohli what he had to say aBOUT the thing he learnt from chris gayle that,"Initially I was skeptical that whether or not I would be able to do it... ...but If you've got the skillset then why not; you can achieve it. You can hit sixes whenever you want them and thus can accelerate." So even you are a man and not an animal. Its simple to know that even you can build your skill set by continuously working onto it and then eventually you can achieve the milestone. Your target??...  ---> work with utmost passion at the job (that'll keep your job with confidence. you can go to office comviva and can work with complete freedom and belief that yes you do have something in your hand to keep survivng in gurgaon.), and simultaneously you just have to keep practicing the sums about the IBPS bank exms. Its just a process and not just a "poof bomb" that wil earn you the gov

B.Tech junior Asim's Post from : GROUNDED : Coz I was Meant to Fail

Image " The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is I'm not afraid to die on a treadmill. I will not be out-worked, period. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, you might be all of those things you got it on me in nine categories. But if we get on the treadmill together, there's two things: You're getting off first, or I'm going to die. It's really that simple, right? " It all started with me admiring my elder cousin's coding skills and the adrenaline rush that used to pump him up all of a sudden for no reason that I could make. Already interested and fascinated, more percentage of fascinated part, I took my first step in the competitive programming world. I wrote my first code on a competitive-programming site on 5th-June'2013. I knew I was not talented, I needed to develop my skills. Starting off was not the hard part, the t

Marks at NIT when I saw Hemant Cha in The Dream

25-nov-2014 Hemcha... You still lie in my memories... and(even if you've forgotten me) I miss u a Lot :( . I don't know what's happening... Today it was the OS practicals... The practicals went quite fine just the way like networking(on 22nd nov.. it went fine too.)Its all god's "kripa" ... I am so glad for these 2. Plus the paper for CT & internal was also shown in OS... and I did gud in both, I got a 15.5 in OS mid-sem(CT) & 42 marks out of 50... where my peers neel & kundan managed to fetch 41 and 38 respectively. I am not competing with them but I' just glad that god chose me to nourish and he is keeping his blessings onto me. And he is so much supernatural that I need not allure him... or do chaplusi to him...(like the world expects). So I really am thankful to god... by which i mean it all keeps me motivated. Thank you god. After the OS practical exams... I was feeling a bit sleepy ... The next thing and the IMPORTANT thin

Paddling the Oars - FOL exam of First Semester

3-dec-2013 1:30 am It's one more day spent here at NIT. Life is miserable without any selfness; friends are making fun of me right now onto my weak posture and the yellowish look that I have got of anaemia. It seems to be true that the problem of one is the fun for others. They just wanna throw silly and vulgar pranks at me and won't want me to study extra. The moment they feel that I'm doing something extra.. they grow anxious and I feel embarassed. But I can't do anything. Its life and I have to face it. Today it was the FOL exam and I won't say that the paper went very good as sir set the toughest of papers of all times. And it has become difficult for the majority of us to even pass! I don't know why god plays so harsh with me sometimes. I also told mom about my bad paper and incidentally all the family including Nana Ji and Gmama happened to be around and they got this message -- "exam acha nahi gaya" . All I wanted to do at that time is just sha